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The mission of Literacy Volunteers of Wayne County, Inc. is to promote and foster increased literacy in Wayne County. We do this by utilizing a corps of well-trained volunteer tutors who provide free teaching in Adult Literacy and English Education. We believe everyone has a right to access information. Those who cannot yet read cannot fully participate as citizens, parents, or employees. For the individual, increasing literacy opens the door to vital information and increases self-esteem, independence, and productivity. Moreover, increased literacy has a ripple effect that produces a measurable cost benefit for the wider community.


Literacy Volunteers of Wayne County, Inc. (LV Wayne) is an affiliate of ProLiteracy America at the national level, and a member of Literacy New York at the state level. In addition, LV Wayne has met nationally recognized requirements in program operation and organizational management to earn a 4-year accreditation by ProLiteracy America.

Although Literacy Volunteers of Wayne County is responsible to both the national and the state offices, it is very much an independent organization. It is a Community Based Organization, which means that it owes its existence and its direction to the community that it serves.

Literacy Volunteers of Wayne County has its own 501(c)(3) IRS designation as a non-profit organization. LV Wayne incorporated in New York State in 1982 and is registered with the New York State Charities Bureau.

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