About LV Wayne

Organizational Structure

Board of Directors

The Board sets the direction for the organization. It must oversee the financial management of the organization, which is funded on public monies (fund raisers, donations, and grants), and monitor the application of literacy and ESL services. The Board is intended to represent Wayne County and to ensure that LV Wayne's primary concerns are community interests.

Paid Staff

Paid staff are charged with implementing the policies and plans set by the Board. The staff members provide professional support and case management services for the volunteers and students. Key employees at LV Wayne include the Executive Director, a Basic Literacy Coordinator, and an ESL coordinator. Other staff members include program assistants and office aides, as funding is available.


Initially, Literacy Volunteer affiliates were entirely run by volunteers. As affiliates grow they usually obtain enough funding to hire paid staff. Nevertheless, volunteers continue to be central to the organization. See the volunteer section of the website for more information on the roles played by volunteers.

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