Wish List

  • Office supplies
  • Stamps of any denomination
  • Book shelves
  • Books – see list of books needed
  • Invitations to speak to groups about literacy
  • Quiet public spaces for tutors and students to meet

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Books we need:

  • Reading, spelling, and alphabet workbooks and flash cards.
  • Math workbooks and flash cards.
  • Donate Books
  • Books that are written at a simple level but deal with subjects of interest to adults.
  • Non-fiction children’s books with real-life photos or realistic drawings.
  • Graphic novels and comic books in good condition.
  • Reading and math software.
  • Dictionaries and thesauruses, including Spanish-English and picture dictionaries.
  • Adult Basic Education (ABE), GED, and pre-GED workbooks.
  • English as a Second Language workbooks

For a limited time we are actively seeking good condition children’s books and novels to distribute to the community through our Little Green Bookshelves program. Classic stories such as Treasure Island, Dracula, and Call of the Wild would be especially appreciated.

Books for which we can only accept limited quantities:

  • Some children’s storybooks are ok, but many adults do not like to use books that are too childish. We may pass these on to other organizations that work with children.
  • We are able to accept a few popular paperbacks for use with adult students. In most cases we will give these away to volunteers and other guests.
  • We may be able to use one or two copies of certain elementary and middle school textbooks, if they are not too childish or out of date.
  • In a few cases we can accept academic books that teach techniques for teaching reading.
  • Spanish language materials.

Books we cannot use:

  • College and high school textbooks
  • Encyclopedias
  • Magazines and newspapers
  • Romance novels
  • Reader’s Digest Condensed Books
  • Anything damaged, moldy, or insect infested.

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Adult Literacy Tutor Training

English as a second language ESL program in upstate new york.