Literacy Facts

Literacy Statistics

In Wayne County:

  • 6000 adults, 8%, lack basic literacy skills (NAAL)
  • 19,000 more struggle to function effectively in today’s society (NALS)
  • 9,300 adults never finished high school (Census 2000)
  • 3,700 of these dropped out before completing 9th grade (Census 2000)
  • 1,300 people speak a language other than English (Census 2000)
  • These figures do not include thousands of seasonal farm workers

In the United States:

  • 30 million adults, 14%, have skills considered “below basic” (NAAL)
  • Another 29% have only “basic skills” (NAAL)

In New York State:

  • 19% of adults have “below basic” literacy skills (SAAL)
  • 2 million adults never completed high school (Census 2000)

Adult Literacy Tutor Training

English as a second language ESL program in upstate new york.