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Literacy & ESL Programs

Literacy Volunteers operates two main programs: Literacy and English as a Second Language. We also address other topics within these programs.

Computer Literacy

Literacy & Adult Basic Education

Adults may want to improve their reading and writing skills for many reasons – to get a better job, to help their children, or to get more involved in their community or church. They come to Literacy Volunteers with a wide range of skills. While a few may need to learn the alphabet, others are working towards their high school equivalency diploma (GED). Most simply want to read and write better.

A Literacy Volunteer tutor can provide the individual attention that might not be available in a larger classroom. Since most literacy tutoring is one-to-one, it is also very flexible. Instruction takes place in libraries, churches, schools, or restaurants – wherever the tutor and student can meet that is safe and provides an appropriate learning environment. Students and tutors meet for 2-4 hours each week at a time and place convenient for both of them.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Wayne County has over 1000 year-round residents who speak a language other than English in the home. This does not include thousands of seasonal farm workers who come from Mexico, Haiti, and Central America during the harvest season. The inability to communicate creates difficulties with employers, police, and English as a second languagelocal residents. Grocery shopping, mailing a letter, or seeing a doctor can be extremely difficult if you don’t speak English.

In addition to one-to-one ESL tutoring, Literacy Volunteers holds several small group classes for English language learners. Click here for a Schedule of ESL Classes. Most beginning lessons focus on “survival” English and managing life in a new community. As they improve their skills, adult English students guide the lessons to topics of importance to them, such as employment or citizenship.

Other Topics

Within the contexts of Literacy and ESL, students may find they have specific interests or needs. Often this leads to lessons in...

  • Math
  • Job applications & resumes
  • Citizenship
  • Computer skills
  • Personal finances
  • Health & wellness
  • Getting a driver’s permit
  • and many other subjects

Sometimes the regular tutor may address these issues or we may find another volunteer willing to help in these areas. There are also opportunities for small classes if there are a tutor and enough students who have a strong interest in a particular subject.

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