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Literacy Volunteers also offers worksite tutoring programs, help for community groups to start their own programs, and in-service staff development training for other agencies.

Worksite Programs for Employers

For employers with concerns about accidents, waste, and efficiency, Literacy Volunteers offers on-site tutoring programs. We work with the employer to design a solution to meet the company’s needs. Options range from sending an employee to enroll as a tutor, to bringing in a volunteer to tutor on site, to a more comprehensive program with a paid teacher and a curriculum developed around specific job duties. Businesses are asked to pay reasonable expenses for these programs. Occasionally State or Federal grants are available to help employers pay for worksite training programs.

Programs for Churches and Community Groups

If your group or church desires to start your own volunteer tutoring program, we can help. Your members may attend one of our Tutor Trainings or, if you have 6 or more people, we can bring the training to you. We can also provide testing services, curriculum ideas, and other support. Depending on the level of involvement required, donations would be appreciated, but at minimum we would ask to include your program’s statistics in our annual reports.

Tutor Training for Staff Development

Some agencies in education or other fields may wish to provide in-service opportunities for their employees. Our Tutor Training makes an excellent choice. Our tutoring techniques are research-based, but presented in easy to understand language. Plus, we work hard to make workshops participatory and fun. Agencies may contract for the full Tutor Training, or you may choose individual segments of the curriculum. Whenever possible we modify the training towards the specific needs of your program.

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