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Tutor Training

Before being matched with a student, all Tutors must successfully complete Tutor Training. Potential Tutors have the option of attending a Workshop or completing a Self-Study training course. In addition, we encourage everyone to complete the volunteer Orientation. On-going opportunities for tutors to share their experiences and sharpen their skills are listed on the Tutor Resources page.

Tutor Training

It is essential that Tutors receive the knowledge, skills, and practice necessary to be effective. If tutors cannot truly help their students, everyone will be frustrated. For this reason, the most important requirement of an LV Wayne Tutor is that she or he successfully completes Tutor Training.

While there is no cost for the training, we do ask for a $15 donation towards the cost of the Tutor Manual.

The Next Tutor Training will be in September. Contact Us to sign up for training.

Tutor Workshops

Tutor Workshops, whether for Literacy or for ESL, are both 18 hours in length. Workshops are usually held on three consecutive Saturdays, but are occasionally held on weekdays or weeknights as well. An optional extra session is available for volunteers who want to be certified in both Literacy and English Language tutoring.

The training team is made up of Literacy Volunteers staff, as well as a several experienced tutors who serve as volunteer trainers. Content of the training includes adult education theory as well as multiple tools and techniques for teaching reading, writing, and English language. Of primary importance is helping tutors find ways to keep the lessons focused on the individual student’s own goals and needs.

Tutor training can also be contracted as an in-service training for agencies and businesses.

New! Self-Study Training

In this training, potential Tutors read through materials, watch videos, and complete on-line courses as an alternative to the training Workshop. While this option is more intensive, it is self-paced and you have the ability to work at home. However, we still require some face-to-face appointments with trainers. Self-study also makes a good refresher course for current Tutors. Learn more about Self-Study.


Whether you are thinking about a training workshop or enrolling in self-study, please complete the Self-Study Orientation to give you a better idea of who we are and what tutoring is like.

Contact Us to Sign-up for Training or to request more information about Tutoring.

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