Read success stories and testimonials from some of our learners and tutors.

Read success stories and testimonials from some of our learners and tutors.

Success Stories & Testimonials

Success Stories

*names changed

Lyle & Kora*

Lyle* & his Tutor Kora* have a long history together. In the past year they’ve taken an art class, test driven a sports car, and most recently used a trip to Sea-Breeze Amusement Park to enhance their learning! They learned about prices, the idea of prioritizing rides, & reading maps. Everywhere these two go in their learning it looks like an adventure!

Thanks Lyle* & Kora* for reminding us how fun learning should be.

Miguel & Jane*

Miguel*, along with his Tutor Jane*, is in his 3rd year as a Learner with Literacy Volunteers. He has enjoyed many successes in his time with us. He has obtained his United States Citizenship, has grown over 3 educational levels, and most recently achieved his personal goal to obtain his OSHA 10-Hour Certification in Safety and Health. With his certification, Miguel now enjoys greater freedom to expand his career and take on greater responsibilities with a job he truly excels in. Please join Literacy Volunteers in congratulating Miguel* & Jane* on their latest accomplishment!

Arelia & Beth*

Join us in celebrating a new citizen in our midst! Arelia* and her tutor Beth* have had a strong partnership for many years. She joined our Learner group in 2013 to learn spoken English, and has progressed to learning to read & write it too. More recently she and Beth* have added Math skills to her tutoring sessions to study for her High School Equivalency. Rounding out her many accomplishments, Arelia* was proud to have her family and tutor with her as she took the Oath of Allegiance.



I am tutoring A and M in English. To role play a doctor’s visit, I used actual intake questions given to me by nurses from the local hospital. The questions are in both English and Spanish so they are a good teaching tool. In the social history section I asked these questions:

How long have you been in this country?

Next Question: Do you have friends here?

M looked at me incredulously and said, “You are my friend!’

With that answer I know my job is making a difference.


“The Lyons Elementary School has experienced the incredible impact of the Our Community Reads Program. Students acquire an insatiable thirst for children’s literature which ultimately translates to a desire to master reading skills at an earlier age. The corresponding family involvement and book give-a-ways serve to reinforce the educator’s efforts by strengthening the home school connection.”

-Mark Clark, Lyons Elementary Principal

Thank you letters from children in a School Collaboration program