Our adult programs include literacy, English language, math improvement, job training, and more.

Our adult programs include literacy, English language, math improvement, job training, and more.

Adult Programs

Education is a key to success, but there are very few places for adults to improve their basic skills.

Literacy Volunteers of Wayne County changes lives by providing much-needed opportunities for adults to learn. Our instruction focuses on the specific needs and goals of each Learner. Likewise, times and locations are flexible to meet the schedules and transportation needs of busy adults.

Tuition is made free thanks to funding from the New York State Education Department, United Way, and other generous community donations. Trained Tutors provide most instruction with professional support from the Literacy Volunteers’ staff.

Our tutoring programs serve adults 16 years of age or older and officially withdrawn from school.

Reading & Math Improvement

We provide one-to-one and small group courses customized for each Learner to enhance reading and math abilities in the following areas:


  • Foundations of Reading: Sounds and the Alphabet, Word Patterns, and beginning Sight Words
  • Intermediate Skills: Vocabulary, Main Idea, Fact vs. Fiction, and Comprehension
  • Critical Reading: How to Remember, Understand, and Gain Meaning from Important Text


  • Foundations of Math: Addition, Subtraction, Telling Time, and Handling Money
  • Intermediate Skills: Multiplication, Division, Decimals, Algebraic Thinking, and Intro to Geometry
  • Higher Level Mathematics: Statistics, Trigonometry, Functions, Advanced Algebra & Geometry

English Language Instruction (ESL, ELL, ESOL)

We offer one-to-one and small group work for adults to more effectively speak, read, & write the English Language.

These include the following options:

  • Beginning English: Vocabulary and basic conversational English
  • Advanced English: More difficult levels of conversation added to the beginnings of reading and written communication
  • English Conversation Groups: Practice for speaking skills at any level in a non-judgmental atmosphere with other new language learners. Enhances Learner’s ability to use language skills in real world situations

While we do not provide direct Citizenship assistance, we can help learners study for the Citizenship Exam while they are improving their English skills.

High School Diploma/GED

We offer a comprehensive and individualized approach to achieving this important milestone. One of our staff members will review Learner transcripts, perform a battery of screening tests to determine additional learning needs, and assist with all necessary paperwork & scheduling for the High School Equivalency (HSE) test itself.

Traditional GED tutoring includes assistance in Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Most instruction is one on one and includes only the coursework still needed in order to pass this rigorous exam.

Literacy Volunteers also offers tutoring supports and referrals to learners working with the National External Diploma Program.

Digital Literacy

This program provides instruction and practice for adults needing beginning computer skills. Topics covered range from first time computer use, to file management, very beginning application use, and even job applications and résumé drafting.

  • One to One Tutoring is geared towards long-term Learners
  • Short Workshops are sometimes provided to large groups on a specific topic

Pre-Employment and Job Training

This program currently has two components:

  • We work with local businesses to provide customized instruction for their employees or potential employees. Lessons may cover a variety of topics to help companies improve the safety and productivity of their labor force.
  • In collaboration with ACCES-VR and Wayne Finger Lakes BOCES, we provide pre-employment training for adults and youth with disabilities. Topics include Self-Advocacy, Soft Skills, and limited work-based learning experiences. Learners in this program MUST be referred by one of these partner agencies.

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Our tutoring programs serve adults 16 years of age or older and officially withdrawn from school.