You can change lives through the gift of literacy!

You can change lives through the gift of literacy!

Don’t let COVID steal her future!

Even before COVID began, Ava* struggled in school.

All those letters and numbers keep getting jumbled together! Her mother Sophia* tries her best to help with the new online classes, but often cries in frustration, since she herself has difficulty reading.

Ava’s family is in trouble.

They are your neighbors.

They need your help.

COVID is hurting families in ways many people have never imagined:

*Names changed. Photo credit: Ivan Radic / Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

    • COVID is interrupting school for children like Ava at a critical age, just when her young mind is learning to read. We know how hard it is to build those skills later.
    • Parents are finding themselves in brand new teaching roles, while they themselves may need help with reading and math.
    • At the same time, many adults need to learn new skills to replace lost jobs – and maybe even earn the Diploma they never got because of interruptions they faced as children.

You have the power to help stop the cycle.

Sadly – while the needs are greater than ever – traditional sources for literacy funding are being slashed. Now is NOT the time to shrink services for families like Ava’s! Instead, they need to GROW!

Your urgent gift ensures that adults continue to have chances to learn and that children receive support to help them succeed in school.

Ava’s future may turn on this moment in time.

She may struggle for the rest of her life with everyday reading tasks most of us take for granted. Or, she may become the person whose discovery changes the world.

You could be that difference.