Learn about our Free Book resources and ways you can donate your old books.

Learn about our Free Book resources and ways you can donate your old books

Free Books

A key predictor of later literacy is the number of books in a home. One way we accomplish our mission is by giving away free books.

Little Green Bookshelves

Look for Little Green Bookshelves around Wayne County – at laundries, doctor’s offices, and other places. The gently used books are free for anyone to keep, read, and enjoy! Volunteers help look after the bookshelves and also find new places to put more shelves.

Free Bookstore – Little Green Annex

Located at 16 Canal Street next to our office in Lyons, the free bookstore is the home for books sent out on the Little Green Bookshelves. Staffed by volunteers, the Annex is open to the community. Hours vary so please call ahead.

My granddaughter has a loose tooth hanging out and she’s afraid. I found “Moose’s Loose Tooth” and “Freddie Visits the Dentist” at your free bookstore. I’m going to read them to her when she comes home from school and maybe they will give her something to think about.
– Visitor to the Little Green Annex Free Bookstore

Other Book Giveaways

Look for our book booth at community and school events!
Also, check out our Books from Birth Program.

Literacy Volunteers’ free book program also provides skill-building opportunities for consumers from select agencies. We are grateful for all the volunteers who make this work possible.

There are people in your town who have never owned a book. There are people in your town who cannot afford to buy books for their family. Every single town in Wayne County struggles with illiteracy. You can change this by donating your gently used books to our Free Bookstore!

Click here to schedule a time to drop off a book donation.

Please do not leave books outside our office when we are closed!

We have frequent requests for:

  • Children’s books, especially board books
  • New books
  • History books (but not textbooks)
  • Hardcover novels with intact dust jackets

Books that we do NOT take:

We all hate to throw away books, but space is limited so please think carefully about the types of books you would want to receive. If books do not meet these conditions they will not be accepted or will be immediately recycled:

  • No more than 100 books at a time
  • No books that are severely damaged to where they cannot be used (anything damaged, dirty, moldy, smelly or insect infested. etc.)
  • No encyclopedias
  • No cookbooks
  • No graphic/explicit Romance novels (however, we will accept popular mainstream authors such as Danielle Steele, Nora Roberts, and Fern Michaels)
  • No Reader’s Digest Condensed Books
  • No religious books
  • No “self-help” books
  • No professional technical manuals
  • No school textbooks
  • No pornography
  • No magazines