Helpful Information and Activities for Tutors

Helpful Information and Activities for Tutors

Tutor Resources

Here are some popular resources used by our tutors. Each external website is responsible for its own content. Please contact us if links are broken.

Multi-Topic, Multi-Level Resources
CollectEdNY  Lesson plans and activities shared by adult educators across New York State  Information and resources for current NYS PK-12 curricula
Thinknology Reading Library  High interest reading passages designed for adult learners (active LVWC tutors only, contact us for access)

High School Equivalency (HSE, GED)
New York State Education Department  HSE and GED information, eligibility, and guidelines  Information and preparation help from the test publisher

Math  Math worksheets  Simply worded math lessons on screen  Math games
Khan Academy  Videos for teaching math (requires free sign up)

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESL, ELL, ESOL)  English practice-phone compatible (requires free sign up)  English practice-phone compatible (requires free sign up)  Government and History Lessons for English learners. Hundreds of worksheets including CLOZE exercises

English with Amanda – Video Lessons for Spanish Speakers
Medical and COVID Vocabulary 
Emotions Vocabulary
Would, Could, Should
Grocery Store Vocabulary 
Street Signs and Driving Vocabulary 
Asking for Help 
Back to School 
Weather Words

Citizenship  Official information on Citizenship and Immigration, exam practice, and exact wording of questions
Catholic Family Center of Rochester  Authorized local provider of citizenship and immigration assistance

News & Current Events
News for You  Weekly online newspaper for adult learners (active LVWC tutors only, contact us for access)  Each article is written at several different reading levels (requires free READER sign up)

Learning Disabilities
Learning Disabilities Association of America
National Center for Learning Disabilities
International Dyslexia Association

Tutor Training and Professional Development
Literacy New York’s Intakes to Outcomes  Facilitated online training for tutors, including the core training required for LVWC tutors. Active tutors may revisit completed training or contact us to take additional courses. (LVWC tutors only, contact us for access)
ProLiteracy Education Network  Online courses and resources for tutors and adult learners (requires free NON-MEMBER sign up)

Literacy in the United States
Facts Provided by Literacy New York
Facts Provided by ProLiteracy
Video: Adult Learner Perspectives
Video: Her Biggest Secret Revealed 

More Resource Lists Maintained by Our Friends
Literacy Northern New York 
Literacy Nassau
Tompkins Learning Partners 
Literacy Assistance Center (NYC) 
Adult Literacy League (FL)